500 Coffees #65 on Vancouver is Awesome

This excerpt is from Vancouver is Awesome:

Meet Wes Regan. Member of a few boards, Executive Director of the Hastings Crossing Business Improvement Association, a founding Director of the Vancouver Urban Farming Society and a founding partner at Urban Stream Innovation, which is a food systems tech startup. Wes in one of those people with so many sticks in the fire that I wonder how he manages to juggle them all, but he does!

The conversation started with my asking which of his projects takes up the greatest percentage of his time, and I learned that the Hastings Crossing BIA gig does: about 65%. A great percentage of his remaining time is being put towards a project called Urban Stream, which has one of its prototypes a couple of blocks away from where we met for coffee, right behind Luke’s Corner Bar and Kitchen on Granville. Urban Stream is essentially a tech startup which is leading the way in the technology of portable plant growth and composting – local food.

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