I’ve recorded on several albums and have toured extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and Japan as a professional musician. My last professional touring gig was as the keyboardist and backup singer/percussionist for Australian Pop-Star Ben Lee on the Awake Is the New Sleep tour. Before that I recorded and toured as a member of The Way Out, opening for Tegan and Sara and for Biff Naked in multiple Western Canadian Tours. I cut my teeth doing shoestring van tours up and down the west coast from BC to California and several Western Canadian Provinces and U.S. States with bands like The Saddlesores and Speed To Kill (Later known as TV Heart Attack).

In 2017-2018 I wrote and recorded my first full album in many years, Terminal City, with Jason Corbett (ACTORS) at Vancouver’s Jacknife Sound. Recent albums recorded with Jay include Art D’Ecco “Trespassers”, ACTORS “It Will Come To You”, Mesa Luna “Feel Nothing” among other great artists.

A few un-mastered mixes of some of the songs are available on Youtube

Gravity can be heard here.

City of Glass can be heard here.

Long Run can be heard here.

Due out March of 2019 it can be described as shimmery alt-country with nostalgic hints of late 80s and 1990s influences like the Smiths, Depeche Mode, Mazzy Star, U2, Neil Young, Chris Isaak, Built To Spill, Pavement, and Modest Mouse.

Guest appearances on the album include drums by Rob Chursinoff (Tegan and Sara, Kinnie Starr, Ben Lee) guitars by Darcy Hancock (Ladyhawk, Louise Burns, Baptists) beautiful backup vocals by Hilary Frances Tuck (Vancouver Chamber Choir) and more drums by Adam Fink (ACTORS, Gang Signs and literally a billion other bands in Vancouver. There are one billion bands in Vancouver and Adam is in all of them all of the time)

The songs on the album have been directly inspired by my experiences working, and living off and on over the years, in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and by the broader sociopolitical, economic and ecological crises collectively facing humanity that keep me active and engaged. From the overdose crisis to the rise of virulent political populism in the West. From Putin’s cruel treatment of LGBTQ people in Russia to the impacts of climate change and urban affordability challenges, I cover a lot of ground in these songs. There’s a lot to think about taking the Skytrain back and forth to work.